half a cat

What's bloody and has two legs? Half a cat.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

abstinence = jealousy

If I have ever been jealous of someone before, it is this boy.
He has ice cream, and I want it.


the glamorous life of a payroll clerk

I work in a Payroll Office. I've been in this office for four years this June. Whoa, four years! I have been treated exceptionally well, my coworkers are good friends, I make great money for what I do, and am really grateful for this job. However...it would definitely be nice to have MORE TO DO.

Let's see, what did I do today? I printed several batches of duplicate W-2 forms, responded to a few work emails, handled the returned money from the bank, checked my personal email, twiddled my thumbs, double-checked the child-support payments, planned out my primary presidency meeting for tonight. After that, I played a few games of Minesweeper and then came on here to tell y'all how exciting it's been.


I love my job and actually think the work I do, when I have work to do, is important and interesting. I mean, the reason people come to work every day is because of what is done in my office. Yes, my position is necessary--but only every other week or so--while we're running the payroll.

I have been extremely blessed to have this job, for reasons other than the money it brings. I now have skills that will enable me to find a job anywhere in the country. Everybody needs a paycheck, thus, everyone needs an able payroll clerk! But...

Sometimes it'd be nice to just stay home.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Dan, Dan, the Quail Man...

I feel bad for Dick Cheney. We've heard the story a million times--on the news, in the newspaper, on Jay Leno--can't we just give the guy a break? He just accidentally SHOT one of his good friends, a friend who already admitted it was not Dick's fault, but his own!

I was talking to a coworker of mine who is an avid hunter. He hunts EVERYTHING, from birds to bears. I was asking him about it and he said these kind of accidents happen every day, they just don't happen every day to the Vice President of the United States. While my friend admitted their hunting party was breaking tons of basic hunting rules, he said it's not uncommon. He also said that most "well-to-do" hunters do not get the proper licensure, just like Cheney.

I am not saying that we should excuse their total lack of following hunting safety procedures and licenses, but we should remember that they're going through enough trauma from the event itself, let alone having the media hound their friends and families. Let him be cited, let the hunting and game people do their job and properly charge him for whatever they see fit, but be kind to poor Dick and Dan, and their families. I do think it was in poor taste for the White House to take so long to release a statement to the public, but I can't blame that on Cheney. So, yes, I feel bad for the VP.

Monday, February 13, 2006

blogging in general

Blogging. I've been trying to make up my mind about it since I started this little adventure a few weeks ago.

First, I really don't know how to add links to my page, nor do I want to take the time to look it up and find out, but I would like to add some. I'm a lazy blogger.

Second, I can't write as eloquently as my friends, even though it doesn't matter. I'm a poor-written blogger.

Third, I have a difficult time deciding what to write in my blog, and what to keep personal in my journal. I'm an indecisive blogger.


Fourth, I love checking my blog for comments and hearing from old friends. I love the easy exchange of ideas. I love maintaining contact. All in all, I suppose I'm also a contented blogger.

I guess I just need to be less concerned about what I write, how I write it, and the appearance of the blog and simply...WRITE.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

la biblioteca

bibliothèque. 図書館. архив. 도서관. Bibliothek. βιβλιοθήκη. bibliotheek.

I went to the Orem Public Library yesterday to sign up for a new library card and took the time to walk the isles of books, looking at the titles, wondering about the authors and why they chose to write what they did, appreciating that I had all of their words at my fingertips.

I was looking for a small novel my mother recommended to me, and when I couldn't find it, I asked the man working the front desk. He was more than happy to check the back room, and when he had gone, I started wondering about him, too. What makes a man in his forties, clearly intelligent, work the front desk in a library? What makes a learned man (I could tell he was well-read) choose to spend his time here? The answers are clear. To me, the library is the culmination of peace, wisdom, discovery, service, excitement, and wonder. The library holds answers for all ages. The library makes me happy and, no doubt, this library employee or volunteer feels that as well. His smile was so bright when I approached him, and I could tell he was someone that truly enjoyed his life. Could this be, in part, because of the library?

I hope to live in a community where the library is the heart of the city. It's hard to describe what I mean because it's really a feeling. For example, in the Orem Public library more people share hellos and smiles, more people are interested in helping, more people are there to just..well...be. Not all libraries have this feeling, the Provo library definitely lacks in this area, but I have been in a few. This sort of library usually overflows with books, librarians, comfortable chairs, children, workshops, community events, and has CARPET. Carpet is essential. When my husband and I look for a house, I will remember to visit the community library--it's really that important to me.

One day I will take my children to the library. Together we will discover other parts of the world, new technology, music and art, and anything else they want to explore. Together we will learn to read. Together we will bask in the comfort of a good book. And when I say "together", I mean me, my children, and the library-- all three.