half a cat

What's bloody and has two legs? Half a cat.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

It Wouldn't Be Hell With Jana


You HAVE to go to this website. My brother sent it to me, and it is HILARIOUS. Type in your name, and it gives you a slogan. Me and my coworkers love it!

I tried my name twice, and both were so funny. My first one was "It Wouldn't Be Hell With Jana" and my second was "Only a Fool Breaks the Jana." Both are perfect slogans about my life, don't you think?

For meaningful insight into your life, and a hearty laugh, enjoy! Let me know what you find!

Friday, April 21, 2006

Spring Poems by A.A. Milne

I haven't written in a while, I know I know. For once, I've actually been BUSY at work! Not only that, I still haven't mastered the decision making about what to write and what to keep to my journal. Humph.

Anyhow, this morning during my round of Honey Nut Cheerios, I picked up some light reading--The Complete Poems of Winnie-the-Pooh, by A. A. Milne. What happiness is kept inside its pages! If I'm going to be completely honest here, I am not a poetry buff. Try as I might, I just don't get very excited by it. I'll read it, appreciate the brilliance that it often contains, but I'd rather read a book. But A. A. Milne! He captures the imagination and magical world of children perfectly!
* * * * *
I have SPRING FEVER. The outside world is finally livening up.
And A. A. Milne captures it so wonderfully:

D Daffodowndilly

She wore her yellow sun-bonnet,
She wore her greenest gown;
She turned to the south wind
And curtsied up and down.
She turned to the sunlight
And shook her yellow head,
And whispered to her neighbour:
"Winter is dead."

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

The Wall Street Journal

Jason and I received a free subscription to The Wall Street Journal a few months ago because of one of his classes. At first, we would let them accumulate in front of our door, and then throw them out when the pile got too high. Then, slowly, I started reading the articles--out of boredom with TV, boredom with the novels I've read a million times. I would read a few, then a few more, and now I spend most of my lunch break reading this wonderful paper.

The quality of writing is so high, the topics so interesting and varied, I simply love it. I used to think this paper was only for businessmen and women, those who carefully watched the stock market and lived in New York. I was so jaded! The Wall Street Journal has something for everybody! I feel so much more informed about current issues in our country and nationally, and I've started devouring the business section! The editorials are outstanding (this week featured Arnold Schwarzenegger, Paul Newman, and more!) and I find myself debating with the authors in my head. I have finally found an easy medium to expand my thinking without taking all of my time. Afterall, if President Hinckley reads it, why shouldn't I?

READ THE WALL STREET JOURNAL. Don't be afraid. My love affair is just beginning...

Friday, April 07, 2006

a wonderful evening with unlikely friends

Last night I spent the evening with three ladies from work, all older, for a Pride and Prejudice Party. I had a wonderful time!

Our hostess, Sharman, is a mother of four and grandmother of six. Put perfectly by her daughter, Sharman "likes to make things nice for people." And she does. Our dinner was served on her nicest dinnerware, with Easter napkin holders and an Easter centerpiece. It wasn't a fancy meal, but simply...nice.

Another member of our party, Debbie, is a 48 year-old, newly diagnosed cancer patient. She just found out she has uteran cancer and is going in for her second surgery in about a month. After that she'll know if she'll have to undergo chemotherapy treatments. While not scared of cancer, she is dreadfully scared of losing her hair. She loves her family and takes much joy in doting on her neices and nephews.

I am not as familiar with the third member of our party, Penny. She's also an older, unmarried woman. She was jolly and pleasant, always laughing and smiling.

And then me, by far the youngest of the group. These women are my mother's age. I was relieved when we each had plenty in common and plenty to talk about. In fact, it was one of the most enjoyable evenings I've had in a while. I enjoyed Pride and Prejudice (I'm talking about the most recent release) so much better with these light-hearted ladies. It was so fun to take some time to watch a whimsical romance with giggling, gushing ladies.

One of the best parts of the evening? When Sharman's husband washed all of the dishes for her, without being asked, while we watched the movie. When we commented on how sweet of him it was, she said, "He is the best. It doesn't get any better than this." I believe her.