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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

The Wall Street Journal

Jason and I received a free subscription to The Wall Street Journal a few months ago because of one of his classes. At first, we would let them accumulate in front of our door, and then throw them out when the pile got too high. Then, slowly, I started reading the articles--out of boredom with TV, boredom with the novels I've read a million times. I would read a few, then a few more, and now I spend most of my lunch break reading this wonderful paper.

The quality of writing is so high, the topics so interesting and varied, I simply love it. I used to think this paper was only for businessmen and women, those who carefully watched the stock market and lived in New York. I was so jaded! The Wall Street Journal has something for everybody! I feel so much more informed about current issues in our country and nationally, and I've started devouring the business section! The editorials are outstanding (this week featured Arnold Schwarzenegger, Paul Newman, and more!) and I find myself debating with the authors in my head. I have finally found an easy medium to expand my thinking without taking all of my time. Afterall, if President Hinckley reads it, why shouldn't I?

READ THE WALL STREET JOURNAL. Don't be afraid. My love affair is just beginning...


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