half a cat

What's bloody and has two legs? Half a cat.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

the big CHOP

On Friday I cut my hair, and I mean really cut it. I cut off 11 inches! I was fortunate to have enough to donate to Locks of Love, and the stylist said my hair was so thick I was donating about 1.5 times the normal amount. And, to top off the deal, because I donated my hair the cut was free.

Fortunately, and surprisingly, Jason loves it. He was nervous about me cutting it because, as we all know, men generally prefer longer hair. Well, Jason enjoys the fact that he can run his fingers through it without it getting caught along the way. I enjoy it, too, I might add!

The best part of this entire adventure was when the stylist chopped off my hair in a big pony tail and stuck the wet mass of hair on the counter. It looked exactly like a sick, dead rat. Was I ever grateful to get that nasty animal off of my head!

My hair is now right at chin length, the shortest I've ever had it that I can remember. I should post some before and after pictures, it's quite the change! I was even introduced in a work meeting today as Jana Short-Hair. How nice.

Monday, May 15, 2006

I'm still here

It's amazing that while you're in the moment, time can crawl slower than a snail, but when you look at your blog and you see it's already been nearly a month since you've posted--you're shocked that the time has really flown by!

I went to Michigan two weeks ago and enjoyed a much-deserved rendevouz with my family. I learned to play cribbage with my mom, ate Guernsey ice cream with my dad, sang in church with my brother, and ate meals that I didn't have to prepare. It was wonderful. It was the first time I had ever gone on vacation without my husband and I really enjoyed myself! I spent time with some of my highschool friends (some good experiences, some bad) and was just able to be alone. As much as my crazy husband and I love spending time together, I know he enjoyed the time apart as well. But five days was enough, and it was wonderful to come back home.

I've had a lot on my mind lately, mostly about the people in my life that I care about and how else I can reach out and help them. It's difficult being in situations when you know certain things and can't divulge them to others, I function so much better sorting things out with friends. While it's flattering to be trusted, it's scary to hold another's confidence--to be soley responsible for a "secret." This is one reason why I have been extremely grateful for my relationship with Heavenly Father, especially lately. He is the One I can confide in, without fear, and the One that is best able to listen and help resolve. I've also learned that I can not be shy about this relationship and this knowledge, that these friends in difficult situations would also benefit by learning about how to establish the relationship that I have with God. Isn't that beautiful? That we can have a relationship, a two-way interaction, with diety? Ok, quite the tangent...

Well, I just wanted to write that I am still here, still happy, still striving to do better and still open for conversation. Thanks for waiting.